Cheesy Spinach Hassleback Chicken

Have you ever eaten a hassleback potato?  Let me tell you friends.  We're about to up the ante on the hassleback technique.  Because you can also hassleback a chicken breast.  It's true!  The method is easy and it's the perfect way to ensure you get a well balanced bite (chicken to filling ratio) every single … Continue reading Cheesy Spinach Hassleback Chicken

Cheesy Skillet Loaded Cauliflower Hash

My most favorite dish to order at breakfast spots is a loaded hash - potatoes, cheese, meat, veggies... The works and all topped with an egg over easy.  So of course I'm jonesing for a keto alternative.  Cauliflower to the rescue. Recipe (serves 1) 1/2 cup riced cauliflower 1 Tbsp diced jalapeno 1/2 cup spinach … Continue reading Cheesy Skillet Loaded Cauliflower Hash